Can CBD Gum Help Anxiety?

How Does CBD Gum Battle Anxiety?

According to HealthEuropa, there has been a whole host of evidence affirming the effectiveness of CBD gum in battling anxiety along with other mental health disorders. One journal reported that within a study, 79% of participants experienced reduced anxiety when consuming CBD. Meanwhile, 37% of all CBD users report using the product to reduce their anxious feelings, with this being a leading reason behind the gum’s popularity.

Although the exact reasons for the reduction in anxiety is not yet clear, CBD infused gum does reduce the heart rate and affect our receptors, all of which may have an overall calming effect on our body.

Are there any limitations to the research?

Although, it is worth noting that much of the scientific research that covers the potential effectiveness of CBD on anxiety is among animal studies. For example, animal based studies have repeatedly witnessed that rats along with other animals which are frequently deemed to be behaviourally and mentally similar to humans have expressed decreased stress and anxiety levels. Although this means that there is less to affirm the use of CBD gum for anxiety in human research, the research is compelling and similar research has been helpful in previous years. Already we have seen a few persuasive studies involving humans where anxiety levels have significantly decreased as a result of CBD gum or oil use.

Additionally, the product is relatively new, which means that there is not yet enough research to determine the definite long term side effects that CBD might have on mental health - both negative and positive. Whilst no long term risks have been identified at this early stage, that is no guarantee that there will not be any - like with most new supplements and medication.

Could CBD Gum Be Useful For Other Mental Disorders

There are also rumours and studies which suggest that CBD could be a potential treatment route for more specific psychological problems such as PTSD alongside mental health matters such as depression. The use of CBD has also been topical in many professional therapeutics discussions and it is likely that owing to the promising results of CBD gum in reducing anxiety, the same results could be replicated elsewhere.

Is CBD Gum Safe To Use For Anxiety?

Broadly speaking, whilst CBD gum does come with a few, minor side effects, it remains safe for use to battle against anxiety. In fact, the only reported side effects thus far are those which exist in most forms of medication, so CBD gum poses very few concerns.

It is also worth noting that it does not contain THC, which is found in other similar substances such as cannabis and therefore it will not have any psychoactive effects, which is also important to avoid in the treatment of anxiety. What’s more, it is not addictive either, so it is safe to use in the long term.