How does it work?

  • Once a year a 'menu' of shows is put together by the programme co-ordinator, and sent out to Village Ventures promoters.  The menu features a broad selection of shows including drama, comedy, children's theatre and dance, as well as a wide range of music including jazz, folk, world and classical.
  • All the shows are provided by professional companies and performers, and most are designed specifically for rural touring.  The companies and performers therefore mainly provide their own technical equipment and know what to expect when they turn up at a village/community hall.
  • Once promoters have received the menu of performances, they have around 6-8 weeks to decide which show(s) they would like to book. Promoters are able to make a number of choices from each menu and in some instances can book up to 6 shows in the Village Ventures programme, which runs from September through to the following June.  Although the scheme cannot guarantee to provide all of the shows that promoters initially choose, we will always try and accommodate their first choice of show wherever possible.
  • We confirm all agreed dates with companies and venues, by sending out written agreements.  The companies and performers then contact the promoter direct to make arrangements for their show publicity (usually A4 and A5 posters and fliers) to be sent either directly to the venue or promoter.
  • The scheme also produces the programme brochure listing all Village Ventures events, co-ordinates the scheme website, and provides opportunities for promoters to meet, and share skills, expertise and experiences of rural touring.