Bane 2*

Bane 2*
Bane 2*

presented by Whitebone Productions

Hired hand Bruce Bane works the mean streets of pulp fiction.  A tough talking wise cracker, he goes about his shadowy business amongst the back alleys and eerie sidewalks of a fictional American city.

Inspired by hard-boiled detective stories, classic film noir and mainstream cinema, Will Hartley* brings his comic anti-hero and tale of bloody revenge to life in a truly impressive performance, playing all 79 characters with just his body and voice, in this hilarious, award-winning show, accompanied by a stunning live guitar soundtrack. 


*note change from previously advertised title.  Bane 2 is the second part of the Bane trilogy.  Will Hartley will replace Joe Bone in the character of Bruce Bane (and the 78 other characters too!)


St. Mary's Hall Radcliffe
19 Oct 2013 at 20:00
Box Office: 01159 118625
Box Office Email: [email protected]

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